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'White' Chinese Spirit Set  ​

A project to develop an innovative Chinese spirit (Chinese baijiu) decanter and cup so people can enjoy the process of drinking, in the hope of having healthy drinking habits. 


In China, the culture of Chinese Baijiu has a long history which make its industrial chain have great market value. According to the data analysis based on the online seller platform, the Chinese Baijiu container has a certain market demand and a large user base. However, the existing design of container on the market is simplified, which cannot meet the users' personalized consumption needs and aesthetic needs. At the same time, the drinking occasions of Chinese spirit nowadays is always accompanied by overeating habits, which triggering a lot of health problems.


As an answer to this problem, the design encourages users to slow down and feel the process of drinking by controlling the pouring time, and enhances the process of watching, smelling and tasting baijiu. Its development inspired by the traditional Chinese process of tasting baijiu.

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 6_edited.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 7_edited.jpg


In order to control the pouring time, the design of decanter's upper body adds a unique water outlet, in order to cut off the water flow before it passes through the top of the decanter. The size of the stick control the flow time from decanter to cup in 5 seconds. Also, the design of the decanter neck makes the aroma of baijiu placed within is gently confined, for the scent to be enjoyed by pouring out.

fixed 12.jpg
wine decanter fixed 2.jpg
fixed 11.jpg


The design was base on ergonomics, the shape of the wine ware adds unique angles and depression part according to the results of the testing of the early prototypes so that the user can pour the wine easier. Reference to contemporary Chinese baijiu drinking habits with the existing experience. Through continuous testing with the capacity of different prototypes, it is concluded that the capacity is 100 ml more in line with market demand. ( the average capacity of one bottle of Chinese baijiu is 500 ml, divide it into exactly five equal pieces) At the same time, the use habit with 10 ml of tasting cup is more appropriate with the current user.

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