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​'Sunken' Lounge Chair        

The ‘Sunken’ Chair is from an idea that is using a simple configuration to create a stylish lounge chair. The design is about two oblique overlapping squares (the seating bar and chair structure) that become a chair which integrates into a part of the architecture (the floor), also makes people feel that they are into a piece of chair and sink to the environment.



The selected sketch shows the rough process from the first concept to the final idea, which included some details of the design, such as the part that bears the force of the human body, and the welding point of the material.



Due to the design concept is tilted quadrilateral, so considering the stress of the human body, make the ergonomic seating tool to test for different angles. For the final set, the hypotenuse of the model is 30 degrees from the ground. The interior seat has been ergonomically tested as well, with the back facing in 28 degrees to better support the waist. For the position of the place that supports leg and buttock, also adjusted up 15 degrees, to help the human body to achieve a better-relaxed posture.

Chair light grey_edited.jpg
Chair rendering.jpeg
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